Custom Bonnet

Custom Bonnet


A nearly completely customizable bonnet in any of our sizes. We can create a bonnet from our extensive fabric collection, or use some of your own fabric to create a unique and personalized keepsake. Email us with any questions you have-!


We will contact you via email to discuss your exact requests for your bonnet.


Each addition will cost an additional $4.






Matching to a specific item

Added detail such as lace or layered fabrics


When checking out, select your base and if you want any additional alterations, when we contact you via email we will calculate the cost of any other alterations and send an invoice for any added costs. Example: You want a bonnet with a ruffle and ears- you would select a ruffle and checkout. When we email you after your purchase to sort out fabrics etc. we will ask if there are additinal add ons you want and you will request Rabbit Ears. Then you'll be sent an invoice of $4 and add it to your order.


Contact us or check our Instagram ( for information on our fabric of the week which gives a 10% discount on your purchase! (must use code prior to purchase)

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