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Home Sewn is a business that values a sustainable, low waste lifestyle but doesn't believe in sacrificing style or quality. Those ideals have served as the foundation for this business. Our intention is to share meaningful, affordable products with you, straight from one home to another.

Just like seeds being sewn in the soil each spring, we believe that our lifestyle decisions, purchases, and personal priorities sew ideas in children's minds that will define their future. We hope that we can encourage young ones to grow into mindful, compassionate, and caring individuals by offering products that were created with those same attributes.

The owner and creator, Rosemary Hansen, is a young, married mother of two children. Rosemary studied Humanities for her undergraduate degree. Emphasizing in Art History, she took a course on 19th Century Art and found great value in the Arts and Crafts movement. Hand made, high quality creations add personality and connection that can never be achieved through mass produced items.


Her desire to have beautiful keepsake items for her daughters to wear often during their early years, combined with her respect for the handmade inspired her to build her own patterns and design for the bonnets sold here.


All of the fabrics used in Home Sewn products are high quality dead stock, vintage, second hand, or new sustainably sources fabrics to make each purchase a sustainable one for you.


Every piece of fabric in a Home Sewn bonnet is hand selected, cut, pinned, and sewn and quality checked by our owner, Rosemary, so we can guarantee you know who is behind your purchase and feel confident Home Sewn's bonnets.


Because all of our fabrics are sourced in a sustainable manner, not from a fabric supplier, the fabrics/styles and sizes we have in stock are limited and cycled out often, so your purchase is few or one of a kind.

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